Many people use too small mirrors or make mistakes by thinking that you can achieve these effects with a group of small mirrors, but the best way to do this is with one large mirror. All but, you are probably still wondering which form is the most accurate and answers to some other important questions: What kind of framework? Where do you hang a mirror to maximize your decorative potential? Here it is necessary to get information from a decoration expert, this is a must to reveal the beneficial effect of the mirror on the decoration and to learn the tried and true secrets.

cm from the floor to the center of the mirror. The same goes for these tables, a regular hanging height can be a continuum to connect to your room. In other words, when your mural and mirrors are hung at a fairly even height, your entire room will look more spacious. Leave some respite on the wall as well. The width of the edge of the frame is important in this regard, if you have a minimum frame of 5 cm, the mirror will look pretty good.