Counterparts linked with murders of two Houston-area males whom employed internet dating programs

Two counterparts were presumed of utilizing an online dating application to deprive and kill two unconnected Houston-area Asian boys, Harris district sheriff’s investigators stated Monday.

Detectives didn’t label the app used by the targets, but explained it’s possible they focused to gay men.

Glenser Soliman, 44, was found lifeless in January. An Nguyen, a University of Houston individual, might missing since March 31 as well as being assumed lifeless, though their system has not yet so far been discovered.

In April, Brandon Lyons, 18, is arrested for taking Soliman’s vehicle. Unique information have let prosecutors to demand him or her with finances killing in connection to Soliman’s choking passing.

Lyons’ uncle and friend, Jerrett Allen, is suspected of murdering Nguyen. His own whereabouts are now unfamiliar.

«During all of our study of your case, at the beginning of April I happened to be created aware of another omitted dude named An Nguyen. Through all of our researching and through issues that we all found out, we became aware these particular covers had been likely connected,» Harris district sheriff’s deputy Michael Ritchie explained in a press discussion.

Ritchie discussed Lyons and Allen as cousins who have been lifestyle jointly as soon as the two people gone away.

Nguyen, 26, vanished after making somebody’s house on March 31 to travel finishing a college task. He was not witnessed or listened to from once again.

His or her car am recovered near Soliman’s � a bit of information investigators always wrap the two main cases collectively.

Court public records show that security videos caught Allen traveling Nguyen’s jeep and using his own debit credit to withdraw funds from an ATM, KTRK-TV stated.

Nguyen, whoever family detectives called «tight-knit» skipped a booked meeting in Florida, which was «unlike» him or her. Les mer