Does Style Standards Want A Glow Up? with David Yi

This week on Getting interested, Jonathan and David Yi search background of appeal as well as the gender binary. Tune in directly into discover more about Neanderthals just who employed highlighters, Korean warriors which formulated three-in-one sticks, historical Egyptians exactly who relied on anti-aging ointments, and more beautiful historic statistics.

David Yi will be the co-founder of good lamp, a gender-inclusive appeal brand, and editor program of excellent illumination, a men’s room and masc-identifying style syndication. These are the writer of the fresh reserve ATTRACTIVE YOUNG MEN, which honors appeal icons history and provide that have expanded manliness and sex appearance.

You’ll find David on Twitter and youtube and Instagram seoulcialite; great illumination is actually; and incredibly Good lamp is at verygoodlight.

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Who was simply Creating Probably The Most At The Beginning Of Asia? with Mentor Jue Guo

Who Was Getting The During The Early China? with Teacher Jue Guo

This week, Professor Jue Guo returns to Getting Curious, which means we are returning to Early China! She and Jonathan discuss what a week in the life might look like for a royal hairdresser, a performance artist, a regional king, and other figures from this period and place. Les mer