Manufacturers of children’s products want to use recyclable materials.

To technical regulations

Restrictions on the use of recyclable materials were introduced in 2009 during the development of technical regulations. Then the experts did not focus on recycling and the restriction was partially moved from the sanitary and hygienic standards for the production of toys. This document allowed manufacturers to use industrial waste, but only if the companies received regulatory approval, Tsidulina said.

According to her, now the ban is hampering the development of the industry: international manufacturers cannot sell part of their products on the Russian market, and domestic companies are not included in the development of a circular green industry.

The proposal to lift the ban has already been considered by the EAEU working group. Then they will be sent to the authorities of the states to obtain positions, after which the draft amendments to the regulations will be submitted for public discussion. The expert stressed that Belarus has so far opposed the amendments. The country’s health ministry doubts that manufacturers will be able to create safe products from recycled materials.

To alleviate these concerns, AIDT launched a study of toys made from recycled materials in Russia in mid-November: Ikea, Lego, Mattel sent their products from recycled materials for study. These are Swedish stuffed toys (dinosaur and owl), Danish cubes, American Barbie dolls and sea animals. The research involves specialists from the Research Institute of Hygiene and Health Protection of Children and Adolescents of the National Medical Research Center of Children’s Health of the Ministry of Health, as well as the technical committee for standardization.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade noted that the draft amendments have not yet been submitted for public discussion, therefore it is too early to evaluate it, the document may be adjusted. So far, it has a rule that allows manufacturers to use their own waste. The Ministry of Economic Development did not respond to inquiries

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